Cloud architecture services

Harness the power of new-age cloud architecture

Cloud architecture services
We always enable businesses adapt new-age architectures in the cloud and thus making them future-ready As the cloud evolves, we enable businesses to adapt their cloud portfolio to the new-age architecture.
We assess your cloud scenario and recommend the right application architectures and platform that suit your business requirements. As a frontrunner in new-age cloud architectures and proficient with different clouds, we understand the big picture and can provide an objective assessment of how much of a fit they are for you.
Serverless Application

Serverless applications

Our serverless approach controls costs while leveraging serverless components and by leaving all infrastructure management to the cloud provider. By harnessing on the power of Serverless architecture, we enable the businesses to achieve the following benefits: Low barrier-to-entry, Hostless, Stateless, Elasticity, Distributed, and Event-driven.

Containerazation of services

Containerization of services

We leverage Container based virtualization services on Cloud to deliver highly scalable applications by veiling underlying compute resources. We leverage it to deliver consistently applications on time with high reliability, high scalability, optimal resources, and agnostic of deployment environments. Containerization Services make applications scalable, distributed, portable and independent.

Microservices based architecture implementation

Microservices based architecture implementation

A microservices architecture empowers agile teams to ensure that your entire application is loosely coupled with different components. In the last few years, we helped businesses across industries transform monolith applications into a set of microservices while overcoming challenges.
Our experience helps us overcome transition challenges while shifting to microservices architecture, enabling you to leave your cloud concerns to us and instead focus on your core business.

Talk to our cloud experts and put these questions to rest
  • Which cloud architecture(s) aligns with my business?
  • Is cloud-native architecture economical?
  • Does it support CI/CD?
  • Will it support regular data backups and disaster recovery plans?
  • Are they complex to implement and use?
  • Does it reduce the effort in achieving scalability and high availability?
  • Do they provide adequate security and compliance?
  • Will it lead to vendor lock-in (cloud platform)?