Engagement Models

Proven models customized to your business needs

Optimize costs and achieve business goals with flexible engagement models

Trigent leverages its global spread, cutting-edge assets and expertise, new-age processes and practices, and a diverse and deep pool of talent to deliver superior business value to its customers. Our culture of responsibility impels us to enable customers to overcome limits in their business.
Our deep expertise in technology and business helps us drive predictability in tandem with productivity and precision. We leverage our know-how of the new-age processes, practices, metrics, models, and analytics to enable our clients to achieve higher performance levels.

Customer Engagement Models

Trigent will carefully assemble a dedicated team of software professionals that works closely with your in-house team. This team extends or complements your team’s abilities, provides niche skills, and adds capacity. Trigent project manager will facilitate all your work and provide local oversight. Trigent has proven communication models, infrastructure, and best practices to manage seamless outsourced or offshore software development. The ODC model has been perfected over the last 18 years by Trigent and:
Beginning with planning through delivery and support, we ensure that all stages of project development happen on Trigent’s premises. Clients have a clear visibility into the project progress and milestone-reporting and delivery happens based on the arrangement.

In-house flexibility, offshore advantages

This model gives you the same flexibility, control and continuity as your own in-house development operation, but with the cost, quality and schedule advantage of an offshore software provider.

We provide you dedicated resources that work as extensions of your teams. From developers to virtual assistants, we identify the best people in the market and hire them to be part of your team. Trigent’s strong recruitment engine and brand gives you Just-In-Time-Hiring, with fast scaling of your team. We provide management oversight by seasoned professionals and unparalleled support for hiring, HR, payroll and infrastructure.

Business Model

This model is best suited for projects where the scope, specifications, deliverables, and implementation plans are not entirely defined when beginning the engagement or are expected to evolve throughout the engagement. This model provides clients with the desired flexibility to manage team sizes and costs as the project progresses in phases. In using this model, you can:
This model is suited for projects where the scope, requirements, and deliverables are clearly defined before initiating the project. In using this model, you will:

Development Model

Trigent uses Agile as its primary development methodology.


Trigent follows Scrum methodology for many of its clients. A pictorial representation of our Scrum process is shown below. Trigent project managers often play the role of the scrum master. Our sprints are usually 2 to 4 weeks long. We may often start with longer sprints and once a cadence is established, perform 2-week sprints. Trigent may also perform Sprint-zero to address architectural plumbing, design, infrastructure setup, etc.

Benefits of Agile/Scrum

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