Clients Testimonials

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Trusted partner of choice over 2 decades for organizations across various industries

iBridge clients include software providers, online businesses, and enterprises that want to leverage their software assets, meet critical time-to-market pressures, and reduce their technology cost of ownership. Our ability to reinvest our learning and resources into services that proactively exceed their expectations has ensured that our clients stay with us for years. Most of our revenue comes from repeat business, and most of our new clients are referrals by existing ones.

Key customer testimonials

“iBridge TechSoft have executed several projects with great efficacy without giving scope for any errors or technical glitches. They always ensure a superior service by following a rigorous testing process. The team adapted well to internal processes, leading to a successful partnership. I am very satisfied with the services of iBridge Techsoft and their professionalism.”

Senthil Raja

“Despite iBridge TechSoft’steam operates remotely and in a different timezone, they are readily available whenever required. They not only possess strong decision-making and leadership skills, but are also highly adaptable and committed to the progress and growth of client’s business.”

Mounika Ravipudi

“iBridge TechSoft has always ensured the best service to us every time. Their team consistently satisfies client’s objectives, which results in a long-term partnership. Their dedication and willingness to surpass client expectations to meet targets ensure optimum collaboration.”

Jithendran Srivasthav

“iBridge TechSoft delivers quality work in a timely manner. They keep the internal team up-to-date with the project progress, and they have consistently elevated their communication over the years. They are a highly business-friendly partner with an aptitude for grasping and embracing new technologies to meet the needs of the client’s business.”

Ashish Patel

“iBridge TechSoft provides superior quality work, excelling their competitors by a wide margin, both in knowledge and skill. They were able to fix our problems and respond to our requests by reliably executing the best and the most effective solutions. They also manage their time and budget well.”

Sai Kiran Andaluri

“The development work executed by iBridge Software on the project has met all project stakeholder expectations, helping them to accelerate their development progress and receiving positive feedback from users as features roll out. Their team is capable of delivering while working independently.”

Sudarshan Subramanian