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Payroll processing is one of the most significant, complex, and tedious processes in finance and accounting – be it for a MNC or a start-up. Payroll processing pertains not only to salaries, but also includes the financial records associated with an employee’s work history, such as deductions, bonuses, overtime, taxes, and more. Ensuring that this is up-to-date and accurate is a significant responsibility for any organization.
iBridge Techsoft has the expertise, experience, and technological capabilities to offer end-to-end payroll processing services to large, mid-sized, and even small organizations. We ensure absolute confidentiality while providing transparent employee communication, meeting statutory requirements, and doing basic payroll calculations so as to provide end-to-end business payroll processing. Our latest accounting software, coupled with the professional competence of our payroll processing team, ensures our clients get 100% accurate and customized services. To ensure optimum transparency and security, all payroll activities are undertaken from the client’s portal. We also provide remote processing of payroll processing services from the client’s desktop as per requirements.