Security testing

Security testing

Detect and mitigate security risks with proven security testing
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As cyber-attacks grow more aggressive and sophisticated, organizations become more and more vulnerable. These attacks may lead to loss of data and financial loss, which put the company’s credibility at stake. Further, inadequate security can lead to litigation expenses, compliance penalties and loss of clients.
Our security testing services, spanning different industries, ensure that vulnerabilities are proactively and efficiently curtailed in line with prevailing compliance standards.
Trigent’s wide range of security testing is holistic, comprehensive, and well-versed with new-age technologies, enabling secure and reliable applications that are future-ready.

Trigent sets themselves apart with their level of investment and engagement in projects. The team takes responsibility for the completion of assignments and delivers results in full. They are accessible, responsive, and quickly resolve any issues.

— QA Manager, Tracking Services Company

75% of cyber-attacks are routed through vulnerabilities in application, according to Gartner. Secure your application now.


What we do

Application security testing

Initiated in the early stages of development, Application Security Testing assesses vulnerabilities in the application or software that could expose it to security threats. The assessment reviews the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of sensitive data and the controls executed to prevent breaches that could adversely impact the organization or the application.
Application security testing

Mobile application security testing

Systematically finding and fixing vulnerabilities that could adversely impact your application. Mobile application security testing ensures the application is primed to disallow unauthorized access to private information stored on the device and to thwart any other attempt at disrupting or manipulating the functionalities within the app.

Cloud application security testing

Safeguard your cloud-based applications with a comprehensive security cover achieved through rigorous assessments followed by remedial measures. Validate the security controls required by PCI, HIPAA, and other compliance mandates.
Vulnerability assessment

Vulnerability assessment

Assess and identify possible security threats or loopholes in the product and infrastructure through a vulnerability assessment. Safeguard your software from elements that can jeopardize the functioning or the performance of your product.

Pen testing

Run penetration tests to ensure that your product and its supporting infrastructure defend from security breaches and other vulnerabilities.
Compliance testing

Compliance testing

Testing your software product for compliance or conformance guarantees that your product is compliant with prescribed specification, technical standard, contract, or prevailing government regulation.

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