Infrastructure services

Virtual Command Center

Automated and proactive monitoring of IT infrastructure
Ensure business continuity at affordable pay-per-use pricing

Gain control and go beyond fire-fighting to ensure high availability and performance of critical IT infrastructure - 24x7/365 days

Life or work without a high performing network or applications is unimaginable in today’s day and age. Therefore, it is very frustrating whenever one is unable to access a system or application. Don’t let this happen to your business.
Trigent’s virtual command center solution provides proactive and intelligent 24×7 management of your IT infrastructure. We ensure your business-critical IT infrastructure’s high availability and performance so that your employees enjoy seamless access to them at all times from anywhere.
VCC solution does proactive monitoring to ensure that tickets are automatically raised based on the degradation of service, leading to a reduction in the volume of tickets flowing into the desk. You get even more value with VCC solution as our innovative & flexible pricing is based on the number of desktops and servers that require support, thus optimizing your operational cost.


Many IT managers have sleepless nights due to their team’s inability to support:

Built to supercharge your IT infrastructure

Best practice ITSM workflows
Best practice ITSM workflows
Smart automation
Smart automation
Extensive reporting capabilities
Powerful integrations with IT management apps
Powerful integrations with IT management apps

$1,290 per month to start a basic VCC solution.

Flexible VCC plans for your IT needs

Our services offer the flexibility to meet your needs and your budget. If not 24×7, we provide support for weekends and after-hours. Add-ons enable you to customize the Service offering as per your specific requirements. Proactive optimization of the IT infrastructure ensures efficient utilization of your IT resources.



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VCC service plans are available on

Fully dedicated VCC service
We provide help desk agents that are fully dedicated to your business and provide a 100% seamless environment for your end-users.
Shared VCC service

Provides full-time coverage at cost savings. The resources are shared among other clients, and still providing seamless services for your team.

We fix it before you see it.


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