Infrastructure services

Infrastructure Services

Is infrastructure a bottleneck to your digital transformation?
Conduct a discovery assessment to plan your transformation.

Build an agile infrastructure to meet your business needs

Best of the brands are struggling to meet customer expectations in today’s digital era. To offer superior customer experience, businesses are focusing on digital transformation. Many organizations begin with modernizing the applications and processes with less focus on infrastructure. In due course of time, this strategy leads to infrastructure becoming a bottleneck. Don’t let this happen to you.


Partner with us to overcome your IT challenges.



Innovative and intelligent IT Infrastructure to meet future business growth



Improve agility and flexibility with a technology agnostic solutions

An highly-agile, scalable and responsive IT Infrastructure

Design & build

A highly-agile, scalable, and responsive IT Infrastructure



Enabling rapid deployment and provisioning of infrastructure resources

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Managed services

Get peace of mind with ongoing monitoring and
configuration support

Data center management

Data center management

Holistic view of how all your data centers are performing.

Server Management

Provide support for remote, physical or virtual server instances physically located at client site or in branch offices.
Server Management
Storage Management

Storage Management

Manage and monitor day-to-day operations including storage devices, data-in-place (snapshots, replication).

Network Services

Build, standardize and simplify next-gen network infrastructure to ensure high reliability, availability, performance, and cyber resilience – an always on, always available network.
Network Services
Security Services

Security Services

Enforce appropriate security policies and assists with any security exceptions or incidents that may occur.

Workplace Services

Provide employees the seamless, intuitive and personalized experiences that they experience on their devices and applications. Increase workforce productivity and efficiency by designing and deploying secure digital workspaces in hours, not weeks.
Workplace Services
Virtual command center

Virtual Command Center

Trigent’s virtual command center solution provides proactive and intelligent 24×7 management of your IT infrastructure. We ensure your business-critical IT infrastructure’s high availability and performance so that your employees enjoy seamless access to them at all times from anywhere.

Flexible VCC plans for your IT needs…

Disaster Recovery & Back-up


Talk to our experts to custom build solutions that meet your business requirements.

Our capabilities

Our technology expertise along with proven delivery methodologies, tools and processes ensure that you enjoy a seamless transformation without any business disruption or undue cost and time overruns. To build your transformation roadmap, we suggest you begin this journey with discovery or assessment.
Discovery we are listening

Discovery: we are listening

During Discovery we understand your business objectives and an accurate view of your IT environment. The overall results of the assessment are split into two main parts –

Based on the assessment findings, your IT goals, business impact, and value for your organization, we establish a remediation plan. The plan is customized and prioritized to improve the Active Directory environment.

Infrastructure Maturity Continuum

We infuse the best practices, create a roadmap and transform your IT environment to a state of higher maturity to improve your services.
Infrastructure maturity continuum

Engagement models

Trigent with its global delivery model provides”follow the sun” advantage to its customers. This delivery model allows you to focus on your core competencies; while we manage the technology operations with the help of an international team.

Transformational approach

You’ll need an agile technology infrastructure to withstand tomorrow’s competitive demands. One that is able to adapt to new business models, scalable, improve reliability and performance. Our approach helps you identify where and how to prioritize your infrastructure transformation, align it with your business goals, gain consensus from your team on issues and priorities, define key actions for closing gaps and document the benefits.

Trigent helps you leapfrog to higher maturity levels.